The Sunny Side of Branding: The Solfegs Solar Case — Successful Branding for a Solar Business

When we talk about a brand, most probably think of the name and the unique logo that accompanies it. However, a good brand is not only about a good name and a well-designed logo, but also about the values that the brand represents. Skillful planning, targeted communication and continuous improvement all contribute to a strong and unified brand image.

When we talk about a brand, most probably think of the name and the unique logo that accompanies it. A good brand is not only about a good name and a well-designed logo, but also about the values that the brand represents. Skillful planning, targeted communication and continuous improvement all contribute to a strong and unified brand image. In collaboration with Solfegs Solar, our agency and Solfegs Solar developed a dynamic and inspiring relationship that enabled the birth of an entirely new brand. Our case study shows the path we have traveled throughout the design and creation of the brand from inception to the final image and online presence. In presenting this case, we pay special attention to the two pillars of branding: the visual appearance and the content site, which are the mission, spirit and key values of Solfegs Solar.

The basic pillars of the brand (Root Strenghts)

Solfegs Solar is a business whose creation was fueled by the long-cherished plans and personal ideas of the leader. We received the order from a company that has been on the market for more than 20 years, Cívislift Kft., which deals specifically with elevator installation, maintenance and operation. The team of the company employs experienced specialists and experts with whom the enterprise has achieved great success over the past two decades. As a narrow industry in Hungary, Cívislift has been able to build up a serious customer base and sales revenue in the last two decades.

A few years ago, in addition to elevators, they were already engaged in other business areas, including residential solar installations, under the umbrella of CMS Technology Zrt. In the period from 2020 to 2022, a solar company in CMS Technology also boomd as a solar support that the domestic market boosted, that the company is and results for the company. In this time, CMS specialists leveraged their technical expertise as a subcontractor, completing nearly 100 successful solar panel implementations across the country. Experience in this way, the unprofessional motivation of the industry and the proliferation of innovative energy solutions led to the emergence of a new company specifically on the field of energy services, which wants to differentiate in the domestic market with a team of experts and a professional market.

A significant change in the solar market could not stop the birth of the Solfegs Solar brand

In October 2022, under the influence of a new government decree, the Hungarian solar market collapsed in a couple of weeks. It is,. In the following months, CMS technology was again concentrated in the elevator company, but the leader became the one with the expertise and experience in the solar industry in the market industry. Finally, in the spring of 2023, a final decision was made to withdraw the solar business from CMS and establish an independent solar company. A, a, a.

A good agency is not only creative, but also keeps deadlines

For a marketing agency, the creation of a new brand is always an extremely inspiring task, one of the most exciting parts of which is when, in the course of joint ideas, the brand begins to outline, which gives it a name, an appearance and finally its own identity. A terminal-to-end project requires a high degree of precision and efficient project management, since the agency must manage tasks running on several threads, where the work of the graphic designer, copywriter, web developer and social media manager must be coordinated and directed into a common thread, especially with regard to part tasks and deadlines.

In the case of Solfegs Solar, after the commission, we had a relatively tight deadline to create the brand and develop the communication toolbox. A principled and flexible attitude of the executive, as well as the creative and proactive approach of our agency, allowed us to work efficiently and quickly, thanks to which we created the brand within 6 weeks, as well as the associated website, social media pages and other communication channels.

The name obliges

As we wrote at the beginning of our article, one of the most important for the individuality of the brand is the name and the visual appearance associated with it, since these will be the ones that consumers will first encounter and will later be able to identify them based on it. When choosing a name, it is always important that the name you choose: it is distinguishable in the market, the company can identify with it and operate in the given language area. In addition, before defining the name, it was important to examine the names of domestic and foreign competitors to avoid any coincidence or similarity in the name. The name Solfegs Solar was chosen from several options, which in the end was made popular by its unique and advantageous sound.

The basic idea of the name was brought by the customer, which feeds on the roots of the brand. Solfegs is the acronym made up of the words solar, elevator, development, manufacture, installation.

The,,, SOL,

Brand Values

We started the work, as with all our branding assignments, with a longer discussion, during which we got to know the leader's ideas about the brand, talked about the goals and went through the most important aspects. To the methodology to an in-depth interview, to a special brand questionnaire, to that, in the suite of questions to be, the ideas of brand values can be defined on different scales.

The core values of the brand and key messages have been extracted and built from these sources. A brand personality is modern, reliable and serious, its main goal is to create value and spread sustainable energy solutions. Solfegs Solar's most important values were the stable professional background and decades of expertise and experience of its employees. Solfegs Solar's two slogans, “Up to date on renewable energy” and “The sun does not send electricity bills”, emerged from these brand notes. While the former is more frequently used in B2B communication, the latter is more used in communication directed towards B2C, i.e. retail users.

The appearance of Solfegs Solar slogans on the company's website

The logo and colour scheme reflect Solfegs Solar's values

The design of the logo was a key step in the Solfegs Solar branding. A logo is the primary visual appearance of the company image, which immediately identifies and differentiates the brand from its competitors. In addition, the logo is a key element that summarizes the personality, values and mission of the company and expresses them visually to consumers. A consistent use of the logo and associated colors and shapes contributes to the formation of a unified image, which helps to establish the credibility of the brand and contributes to its long-term market success.

We have made several versions of the Solfegs Solar logo. In the design, our goal is to create a logo that will combine modernity, experience and sustainability. We wanted to achieve this with a modern and clean look and color scheme that not only looks good on its own, but also on various online and offline interfaces and is easily recognizable even in small dimensions (e.g. in mobile phone view). In defining the colors, in addition to striving to carry the values of the brand, it was also an important aspect for us that Solfegs Solar stood out from the competition in some way. This is how the customer chose two shades of green, which reinforces the message of sustainability and “green energy”. A round shape in the logo can be associated with the sun on one hand and the cells of the solar panel due to the rhythmic fragmentation of the shape, and the S shape in it reminds of the brand name.

Color and design of the Solfegs Solar logo

We have developed several communication channels to reach the target groups

Since the domestic residential solar market practically stagnated at zero at the beginning of our cooperation, Solfegs Solar's main target group became the corporate, i.e. B2B Marketplace. Albeit, at the time of the company's formation, there were prospects for residential solar applications, both when creating brand values and key messages, and when designing communication channels, it was important to keep in mind the aspects of the B2C market, so that if the retail market revives, we can easily adapt the new target group to communication in.

To reach the target groups, we have therefore developed several channels for Solfegs Solar. In addition to its own website, the company's communication was implemented on Facebook and Linkedin social media sites. Due to the nature of the platform, Linkedin has become the interface for B2B communication of the company, while the company's Facebook communication was more tailored to the needs of the B2C target group. A. We have achieved this with social media creatives that match the image and the consistent use of the logo and color scheme.

The appearance of posts by Solfegs Solar on social media platforms

A uniform and coordinated application of Solfegs Solar's corporate identity has contributed to the rapid and widespread dissemination of the company's reputation among the target groups. This example confirms that branding is not only an aesthetic issue, but a long-term investment in the success of the company. L'développement et l'implementation d'une strategie de branding efficace, à l'aide de tous les entreprises, de l'industrie, à les affaires et dans un environnement de marché dynamically changer.